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German bands singing their songs in Japanese!

The Cover of Poptastic Converstaion to download here!

Poptastic Conversation – German bands singing their songs in Japanese. That was the motto for Fly Fast Record's cultural initiative: we asked bands of our acquaintance to come to the studio and record their songs in Japanese. We rounded off these recordings with some additional material. Poptastic Conversation wants to promote German pop culture in Japan and to initiate intercultural exchange.

But the dialogue between Japanese and German pop aficionados isn’t this project’s only objective. We also want to get young people in Germany interested in the Japanese language. This is why each copy also contains a bonus CD with a Japanese course, courtesy of PONS publishers.


The cover was designed exclusively by the renowned Japanese comic artist Radical Suzuki. The booklet is trilingual in German, English, and Japanese. The CD also contains additional video material.


The Berlin-based label Fly Fast Records has close ties with the Asian market, and we feel deeply committed to intercultural exchange. Our documentary Beijing Bubbles - Punk and Rock in China’s Capital was shown successfully at prestigious international festivals.

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