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The music scene in Israel is a very vital and colourful one. Even if the cliche still exists: There\'s not only Klezmer in Israel! Shabbat Night Fever - Groove Sounds from Israel, a new CD with book (german/english), provides a unique insight into the alternative music scene in Israel.

Bands: Kutiman feat. Karolina, J.Viewz, Mook E, Radio Trip, Soulico Crew feat. Axum, Funk\'n\'Stein, Habanot Nechama, Hadag Nachash, Coolooloosh, Balkan Beat Box, Babaganooshka, Boom Pam, Onili, Izabo, Idan K featuring Axum, Tomer Yosef, The Apples, Radio Trip & Boom Pam, Karolina & Funset, Metropolin


Release date: May 9th!

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