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With a combination of a book and two DVDs, Bejing Bubbles opens up a deep insight into Beijing’s music and sub-culture scene- a revelation for everyone interested in China!

DVD 1: Beijing Bubbles – The Film
Beijing Bubbles is a documentary film about the punk and rock scene in Beijing, a scene which is not highly regarded as a sub-culture domestically; a personal, authentic and intimate documentation of the sub-culture in China. The music is not the only focal point; rather, above all, the attitude towards life of the musicians, who refuse to take part in the rising consumer culture and drive to achieve in China. They are dreamers, melancholics, disillusionists and show a deliberate disinterest in political protest. In the midst of the hustle and the bustle of the big city, they live in their own little world, in which only music, creativity and individual happiness count as a raison d'être.

Beijing Bubbles was shown at more than 30 international film festivals in 2006. It was shown in 2007 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and, with great success, in German and Austrian cinemas.


DVD 2: Beijing Bubbles – How the story continued
To part from the protagonists in one’s film- this has already proved more difficult for many documentary film-makers than divorce. A prominent example: “Wir Kinder von Goltzow.”

The comprehensive DVD Beijing Bubbles – How the story continued (160 minutes) contains portrayals of the further development of the bands shown in the film (Hang On The Box, Joyside, Shazi, etc.), an interview with Cui Jian, the godfather of rock music in China, a trip through inner Mongolia with the T9/Hanggai Band (also familiar from Beijing Bubbles) and much more…


The Book: Beijing Bubbles – About the youth culture and alternative lifestyles in China
To be different in China still means a lot more than it does in other parts of the world. In the China of previous decades, during the highpoint of Communism, individualism was difficult to achieve: everyone was supposed to be the same, clothe themselves the same, think the same thoughts and feel the feelings. In contemporary China, everything revolves around catching up to other countries and no longer being a developing nation. Everyone wants to climb the social ladder and make big money. Yet China is still a Confucian land as well, in which a person is never to be viewed as an solitary entity, but rather in connection with family, society and the state. Beijing Bubbles – A book about the youth culture and alternative lifestyles in China explains the background and coherences.

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