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When asked when he picked up a guitar for the first time, Liu Donghong, singer of the Band Sha Zi replies that he does not remember. "I am told that I was about three years old when I discovered my father’s guitar", he recalls. A couple of years were to pass before Liu Donghong formed his first band. That was in 1996. By then, he was 25 years old, had bought himself his first second-hand guitar, written countless songs and decided that Shazi, the Chinese word for sand, would be a good name for a band from China – a country where individualism has yet to be discovered. A person in China can easily feel like a tiny grain of sand among others, he reckons. On the other side, a little grain of sand can perform miracles when trapped in the workings of a machine. Shazi released their first album "The Stars Fall on My Head" in 2001 in China

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