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Liao Yiwu: “Memory, remains …”

“Memory, remains …” is a book with an enclosed DVD and CD, in which the Chinese author Liao Yiwu uses texts, music and a documentary film to address the culture of remembrance in China.








"Chinageschichten" - the new book by Susanne Messmer. Contains twelve interviews with old people in Beijing. With many photos.

Joyside: Maybe Tonight + The Joyside Of Europe (CD + DVD)

The new album by Chinas best alternative rock band out now!

Inclusive is a DVD with the documentary The Joyside Of Europe:

Four Chinese alternative rockers on a journey through a strange world – to a “Chinese” restaurant run by Thais, at the hardcore vegan place in Bremen, at the Bavarian emergency clinic, in a small Hessian village, holding an early-morning dream interpretation session at an Autobahn rest area, and playing numerous wild concerts.More...

Carsick Cars - You can listen, you can talk

Carsick Cars - You can listen, you can talk

China`s best and most thrilling live band, Carsick Cars, and their second studio album "You can listen, you can talk." Perfect, vivid, instantly catchy songs, filled with poetry and the din of guitars, inspired by Sonic Youth, for whom the Carsick Cars opened in 2007. More information about the Carsick Cars in the book/DVD set "Beijing Bubbles." More...

Schmetterlinge auf der Windschutzscheibe

"Schmetterlinge auf der Windschutzscheibe" - a new CD with modern Chinese poetry, translated into German and read by well known German actors.




Poptastic Conversation China

2 CDs with book in German and Chinese
Bands from German speaking countries sing their songs in Chinese, bands from Chinese speaking countries sing their songs in German more...

Beijing Bubbles

The movie and how the story continued. Book with 2 DVDs about alternative life designs and youth cultures in China more...


The most famous Bluesrockband from China and their first album in Europe more...


A literary travel guide. Seven walks with poets, thinkers and travellers from China and all over the world through the city more...

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