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Joyside was founded in a cheap, damp basement flat in a shabby suburb if Beijing. The boys hung around together and listened to the music of the Sex Pistols and the Stooges all day long. When the former band of singer Bian Yuan separated, he grew so bored that he started to write songs about the lazy life of a drinker.

At that time Bian Yuan, who had come to Beijing as an 18 year old from the outer West of China, 40 hours away with the train,  had already abandoned his studies of anthropology. On a hot summer day in June 2001 he just said: "Let's found a great punk band."

Since that time Joyside are considered the nightmare of the Chinese mainstream society, in which today everybody seems to be fixated on climbing the social ladder and accumulating wealth. Because of their legendary performances, their albums "Drunk Is Beautiful" and "Bitches of Rock 'n' Roll", which were released in China in 2005 and 2006, they have become the most wanted, wildest and hottest punk band in China. Their third studio album, "Booze At Neptune's Dawn", has been released at Fly Fast in April 2007. Their fourth studio album will be released at Fly Fast in October.

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